Financial technology, or fintech, is driving innovation in financial services globally and changing the nature of commerce and end-user expectations for financial services. While the term fintech may carry different meanings, it is now commonly considered to cover the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data in areas such as payments, clearing and settlement, deposits, lending and capital raising, insurance, investment management, and market support.

In light of the rapid technological advancement, it is important to understand the benefits and risks brought by fintech, and to support its healthy development. It is also crucial for the banking sector to maintain a high level of cybersecurity and data security to maintain public confidence in the banking system and new financial services.

The HKMA puts great efforts in striking a right balance between retaining appropriate flexibility for innovations and ensuring that customer interests are properly safeguarded during the course of fintech development. The Fintech Facilitation Office (FFO), established by the HKMA in 2016, facilitates the healthy development of the fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong and promotes Hong Kong as a fintech hub in Asia. 

Among other things, the FFO acts as

  • a platform for exchanging ideas of innovative fintech initiatives among key stakeholders and conducting outreaching activities;
  • an interface between market participants and regulators within the HKMA to help improve the industry’s understanding about the parts of the regulatory landscape which are relevant to them;
  • an initiator of industry research in potential application and risks of fintech solutions; and
  • a facilitator to nurture talents to meet the growing needs of the fintech industry in Hong Kong.

To promote a closer dialogue between the FFO and market participants / interested parties, a dedicated email account ( has been set up. We hope that we can hear your views, or help you better understand the regulatory landscape for the banking and payment services in Hong Kong.

HKMA’s Fintech Initiatives

In 2017, the HKMA launched seven Smart Banking initiatives. It unveiled in June 2021 a strategy called "Fintech 2025" to drive fintech development in Hong Kong.

Last revision date : 10 July 2024