Fintech Talent Development

Industry Project Masters Network (IPMN)

Under the “Fintech 2025” strategy, the Industry Project Masters Network (IPMN) scheme aims to groom fintech talent by providing opportunities to postgraduate students for them to work on banks’ fintech or industry projects and gain hands-on experience and skills. Piloted in September 2021, the scheme is expected to be officially launched in September 2022.


Fintech Career Accelerator Scheme (FCAS)

The Fintech Career Accelerator Scheme ("FCAS") is a talent development scheme launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) in 2016 to expand the fintech talent pool in Hong Kong. Please see below for more information about the programmes under FCAS.

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  • Gap Year Placement Programme

    The Gap Year Placement Programme is a full-time, semester-based internship in which interns will work on fintech projects at the HKMA, banks (including virtual banks) or stored value facility operators for six months or one year and receive technology training and regulatory updates respectively.

  • Cyberport University Partnership Programme

    Cyberport University Partnership Programme is a fintech-focused entrepreneurship boot camp at a prestigious overseas university, with mentorship and sharing offered by industry elites and start-ups.

  • Shenzhen Summer Internship Programme

    The Shenzhen Summer Internship Programme allows students to experience the fintech ecosystem in Shenzhen by working at renowned firms in summer.

  • Fresh Graduate Programme

    Through the Fresh Graduate Programme, Cyberport and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation encourage their fintech tenants to employ fresh or recent graduates full-time, with the HKMA and ASTRI providing regulatory updates and technical training respectively to these graduates.

  • MIT Entrepreneurship and FinTech Integrator (MEFTI)

    MIT Entrepreneurship and FinTech Integrator (MEFTI) is a 10-day fintech startup bootcamp for MIT and local university students to prepare themselves as future fintech entrepreneurs.

Last revision date : 08 July 2022