List of AI-related Trustees (Acknowledgement)

List of AI-related Trustees

For the regulation and supervision of trust business and related activities of authorized institutions (AIs), the HKMA has issued a statutory guideline in the form of module TB-1 to its Supervisory Policy Manual, which sets out in the annex thereto a Code of Practice for Trust Business (Code) applicable to all AIs and subsidiaries of locally incorporated AIs (AI subsidiaries) that conduct trust business in Hong Kong.  Other trustees that conduct trust business in Hong Kong are encouraged to adopt the Code.

The following list of AI-related trustees (List), as referred to in paragraph 6 of Supervisory Policy Manual module TB-1, consists of entities that carry on trust business* in Hong Kong as trustees that are AIs and AI subsidiaries. Any other entities within an AI’s group that carry on trust business* in Hong Kong as trustees, wish to be included in the List and have provided to the HKMA an annual declaration on their compliance with the Code (such other entities may be a holding company, a subsidiary (of an AI incorporated outside Hong Kong), or an affiliate of an AI) are also included in the List.

The List is provided solely to enable members of the public to identify AI-related trustees and to ascertain the information of such trustees.  A person making use of this List should not use the information contained therein for any other purpose.

The information regarding a particular trustee contained in this List is provided by the trustee itself and is for general information purposes only.  Without limiting the generality of the Terms and Conditions of Use regarding the HKMA’s website, the HKMA does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in this List or that such information is fit for any particular purpose, and the HKMA does not accept any liability for any loss or damage in connection with the use of such information, whether or not arising from any error or omission in compiling such information.

By publishing this List, the HKMA does not guarantee performance or creditworthiness of any entities shown on this List or that they are in compliance with the Code.

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*within the scope of the Code

Last revision date : 01 June 2023