Sustainable HKMA

We promote and integrate sustainability considerations into our decisions, operations and practices.  We seek to make contributions to society by leveraging the HKMA’s position as a central banking institution and a responsible corporate citizen.


The HKMA has integrated sustainability governance into its management framework. The Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee (CSC) steers the HKMA’s development and implementation of sustainability strategies.

The other CSC members are the three Deputy Chief Executives and representatives from the Risk and Compliance Department and the Corporate Services.
The other CSC members are the three Deputy Chief Executives and representatives from the Risk and Compliance Department and the Corporate Services Department of the HKMA.

Our Approach to a Sustainable Organisation

Our approach to sustainability is underpinned by three pillars: Environment, People and Social Responsibility.  Our strategic directions under each of the three pillars are detailed below:

To reinforce the HKMA’s commitment to run our operations in a sustainable manner, we have drawn up a roadmap to realise our sustainability vision. You can find more details about the roadmap including our climate targets, strategies, along with our existing pledges for staff’s wellness and community care on this webpage.

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  • Protecting our Environment

    Climate targets

    Building on our ongoing green office initiatives, the HKMA aims to achieve net-zero in Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 (business air travel) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions1 across all areas of its corporate operations by 2050 or earlier.

    As its near-term emissions reduction targets, the HKMA plans to eliminate Scope 1 emissions completely through transitioning all its existing vehicles to electric vehicles, and by implementing decarbonisation strategies and through energy saving measures and procuring renewable energy certificates, to reduce Scope 2 emissions by 63% by 2030, using 2015 as the base year.

    The above long-term and near-term emissions reduction targets are set with reference to the Science Based Targets initiative methodology. These levels of reduction align with the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

    In addition, while there are challenges in determining Scope 3 emissions, the HKMA will endeavour to minimise GHG emissions as far as practicable from various sources that are included within Scope 3 emissions, such as paper consumption, waste and business air travel. Travel emissions will be removed or offset, where appropriate, from 2023 onwards.

    As we take measures to prevent, reduce or eliminate sources of GHG emissions, we will report our GHG emissions on a regular basis. In this regard, we have appointed Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency to verify the HKMA’s target setting approach and emissions, energy, paper consumption and waste data.

    To deliver on our commitments, our decarbonisation strategies include:

    • Incorporating environmental factors in the interior design of our office, with a view to obtaining green building accreditation from authoritative certification bodies;
    • Switching all HKMA-owned cars to electric vehicles to achieve green mobility;
    • Deploying energy saving measures, such as installing light-emitting diode (LED) lightings for the entire office premises;
    • Adopting more environmentally friendly business practices, such as digitising meeting materials and using electronic processes for internal matters;
    • Operating two green data centres (production and back up) by applying green designs and energy efficiency practices, and cutting down on electronic waste through adopting technology solutions, such as server virtualisation and private cloud infrastructure; and
    • Advocating a green culture within the organisation, promoting the four ‘R’ principles of refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle to cut paper footprint and minimise waste.

    Find out more about the HKMA’s carbon profile, energy, paper consumption and non-hazardous waste intensity over the period from 2015 to 2022 on pages 38 to 40 of the Sustainability Report 2022.

    Marketplace support

    The HKMA is making its best efforts to promote an environmentally friendly marketplace, by advocating measures that enhance operational efficiency and minimise resource consumption for the HKMA, the financial industry and the economy:

    • Launching STET (Submission Through Electronic Transmission), a one-stop platform for banks to make electronic submissions to the HKMA, and e-Delivery, a secure electronic communication channel for the HKMA to disseminate information to banks to reduce paper usage;
    • Recycling coins through the Coin Collection Programme; and
    • Encouraging the public to use electronic channels, including the Faster Payment System and Stored Value Facilities, in particular, to give out electronic lai sees and use good-as-new banknotes during the Chinese New Year.


    1As defined by the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard

  • Caring for Our People

    Our staff are valuable assets of the HKMA.  We promote work-life balance and seek to foster a healthy and inclusive workplace that enhances staff’s well-being.  We value every employee’s opinion and provide various communication tools for staff to offer their advice and express concerns.

    Wellness Office

    Wellness Office

    Our office features an open layout that increases capacity and space efficiency. Measures to improve staff health and productivity are also implemented.

    Staff well-being

    Staff well-being

    Championing both physical and mental health, we organise seminars on healthy lifestyles, stress management and workplace safety, arrange medical check-ups, flu vaccinations and fitness activities, as well as sponsor personal counselling services.

    Training and Development

    Training and Development

    We offer both vertical (job-specific) and horizontal (general) skills training to develop our staff’s capabilities to meet operational needs and career progression, and to enhance their adaptability to new challenges.

    Equal Opportunities and Diversity

    Equal Opportunities and Diversity

    We value diversity in our workforce. We believe that everyone should be able to work in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, vilification, and victimisation.

  • Supporting our Community

    In fulfilling our social responsibility, we look beyond the immediate corporate boundaries to upstream and downstream sectors to broaden our impacts. 

    Sustainable Procurement

    Our sustainable procurement policy embeds environmental, social and economic considerations, covering electrical appliances, printing paper, equipment, building services and products for interior use. We place high emphasis on supply chain risk management. We assess a supplier’s profile and product, including its business ethics and labour practices. We engage with social enterprises, including them on our list of local vendors. 

    Volunteer and Charitable Activities

    We are committed to giving back to the communities by encouraging our staff to participate in volunteer and charity work. We partner with various community organisations to address community causes. Examples of how our staff bring positive impact to our communities can be found on pages 50 to 52 of the Sustainability Report 2022.

    Community Engagement and Public Education

    We actively run various community engagement and education initiatives through various channels to promote smart and responsible use of banking and financial services, as well as to help the public, particularly the young generation, to understand the developments and career opportunities in the financial industry in Hong Kong.

    Advocating Financial Inclusion

    To promote financial inclusion in Hong Kong, we work closely with the banking industry to enhance access to basic banking services by different segments of society. 

    Find out more about the principles and recommended good practices set out in the industry guidelines for banks on banking services for people with physical, visual and hearing impairments, intellectual impairment and dementia on the webpage of the Hong Kong Association of Banks.

Accreditations and Awards
Gold certification from LEED for Interior Design and Construction Caring Organisation for 17 Years Plus

Gold rating under BEAM Plus BI V1.0

Gold certification
from LEED for Interior Design and Construction

Caring Organisation for the 17th consecutive year as of 2023

Gold rating
under BEAM Plus BI V1.0

Last revision date : 06 July 2023