Financial Inclusion

The HKMA attaches great importance to financial inclusion and has been spending significant effort in promoting access to basic banking services by different segments of society to meet the basic needs of people’s daily lives or the needs of fund transfers for legitimate businesses. In particular, the HKMA has been working closely with the banking industry on the following key focus areas:

  • Encouraging banks to launch more physical branches / mobile branches / ATM and other self-service banking facilities to serve people living in remote areas and public housing estates;
  • Facilitating the launch of cash withdrawal service for the elderly to withdraw cash without the need to make purchases at post offices and convenience stores;
  • Enhancing the accessibility of banking services by customers with impairments;
  • Enhancing the accessibility of banking services by people of different races;
  • Addressing the issues of difficulties in bank account opening / maintenance encountered by small-and-medium sized enterprises and people of different races;
  • Facilitating and monitoring the accessibility of bank credit to SMEs

Last revision date : 25 April 2022