e-Payment and Transfer

  • Smart Tips on Online and Mobile Payment
    • Whether you shop on local or overseas websites, you should check if the website is reliable. For example, the website address should begin with https. The “s” stands for secure.

    • Check the transaction record carefully after making payment.

    • Before using mobile payment applications (apps), you should read the terms and conditions. Different apps have different mechanisms. For example, whether the app is directly linked to a bank or to a credit card account, or value needs to be added in advance.

    • Pay attention to how the app works. For NFC mode, turn the NFC function off after the transaction is completed. For QR code mode, check the transaction data converted from the QR code carefully before confirming the payment.

  • Smart Tips on P2P Funds Transfer via Smartphones
    • Read the terms and conditions carefully before using a smartphone app to conduct P2P (person-to-person) funds transfer.

    • Understand how to add value to your smartphone app, the maximum amount of value to be added, and any maximum transfer amount per transaction.

    • Check the transaction details carefully before confirming a transfer.

  • What is e-Cheque?

    e-Cheque is an electronic counterpart of paper cheque. It provides an efficient and convenient alternative for bank customers to make and receive payments without depriving their rights to use paper cheques or other payment methods. It retains all the basic features and benefits of paper cheques, provides enhanced security features, and saves the need for physical delivery and physical presentment. Payments become faster, easier and entirely paperless with e-Cheques.

    • Smart Tips
      • Obtain payee’s consent before issuing e-Cheque
      • Download e-Cheque file in its original PDF format rather than image format
      • Deposit e-Cheque within 6 months of cheque date
      • Don’t print out e-Cheque for deposit at a bank branch
      • Don’t deposit an e-Cheque more than once
  • What is e-Bill?

    The Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) platform was launched in December 2013. The system provides a one-stop platform for users to receive, manage and schedule payments for electronic bills through their Internet banking accounts. It is a multi-currency and multi-functional platform which supports bill presentments and bill payments in Hong Kong dollars, Renminbi and US dollars.

    • How to Register for Water Bill and Demand for Rates and/or Government Rent?
      1. Log in to your Internet banking account
      2. Go to e-Bill registration page, and select Water Supplies Department (WSD) or Rating and Valuation Department (RVD)
      3. Select Bill Type and input Bill Account Number
      4. Confirm your registration. You will soon be notified of the registration results.
    • How to View and Pay e-Bills?
      1. e-Bill summaries will be sent to your Internet banking account according to the billing cycle of WSD and RVD regularly
      2. Make instant payments or schedule payments for the e-Bills at your fingertips
      3. Transaction completed. e-Bills payment history will be kept in your Internet banking account.
      4. Please contact your bank for enquiries.
    • Why Using EBPP Service?
      • View and pay e-Bills anytime, anywhere
      • Manage, view and pay different e-Bills through one platform​
      • Easy, secure and convenient
      • Pay on time by scheduling payments
Education Videos
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P2P Small-Value Funds Transfer Service
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Last revision date : 20 January 2021