Personal Digital Keys

  • What are Personal Digital Keys?

    In the digital world, account login and personal information are your personal digital keys. They are as important as the keys to your home, and should be well protected. If such information is stolen by fraudsters, it is possible that they will disguise you to log into your Internet banking or other digital financial service accounts, resulting in financial loss.

    • Examples of personal digital keys:

      • Internet banking account number
      • Account log in name and password
      • Hong Kong Identity Card number and copy
      • Mobile phone number
      • E-mail address
      • Credit card number
      • Social media account
      • Address proof
      • Date of birth
      • One-time password
  • Smart Tips on Protection of Personal Digital Keys
    • When submitting your personal information online, for example during online shopping, you need to ensure the website is reliable.

    • Do not use an unknown Wi-Fi or a public computer to access Internet banking services.

    • Pay attention to the messages from your bank. If you ignore them, you may not be aware even when your account is hacked.

    • Account passwords should be more sophisticated, and should be changed regularly.

    • Do not use the same password for all accounts.

    • Protect your computers and mobile phones. Use the latest versions of operating system, Internet banking App and browser. Install and update promptly your security software, beware of computer viruses.

    • Do not download or open doubtful files, browse suspicious websites, or click on the hyperlinks and attachments in questionable sources.

    • Contact the bank or digital financial service provider if you suspect that personal information has been stolen.

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Keep Your Personal Digital Keys Safe
Keep Your Personal Digital Keys Safe
Last revision date : 14 January 2020