What We Do?

The HKMA is the central banking institution in Hong Kong. Please go to About Us for more details.

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  • Senior Executives’ Office

    Top management of the HKMA

  • Banking Conduct Department

    To supervise and promote the sound development of the business conduct of banks, and take charge of bank licensing, and oversight of financial market infrastructures.

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  • Banking Policy Department

    To formulate supervisory policies for promoting the safety and soundness of the banking sector, enhance capacity building of industry practitioners, and take charge of deposit protection function.

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  • Banking Supervision Department

    To supervise operations of banks.

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  • Enforcement and AML Department

    To investigate and where appropriate take enforcement action under relevant Ordinances, supervise anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing systems and handle complaints.

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  • Exchange Fund Investment Office

    To manage reserves in line with established guidelines to achieve investment returns and enhance the quality of returns by diversifying investments into different markets and asset types.

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  • Risk and Compliance Department

    To oversee all risk-generating activities, including investment risks and other non-investment related corporate risks of the HKMA.

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  • External Department

    To help develop and promote Hong Kong as an international financial centre, foster regional monetary co-operation through participation in the international central banking and financial community, and promote the development of financial markets.

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  • Financial Infrastructure Department

    To develop and enhance the financial market infrastructure for maintaining and strengthening Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre, take charge of settlement function, and ensure adequate supply of banknotes and coins.

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  • Monetary Management Department

    To maintain financial and monetary stability through macro-financial surveillance and monitoring of market operations, license and supervise stored value facilities, and designate and oversee important retail payment systems.

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  • Research Department

    To conduct research and analyses on economic and financial market developments in Hong Kong and other economies.

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  • Office of the General Counsel

    To provide in-house legal support and advice.

  • Corporate Services Department

    To provide support services in the form of administrative, finance, human resources, information technology and secretariat services, handle media and community relations, and consumer education.

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  • Internal Audit Division

    To provide audit services through assisting the management in controlling risks, monitoring compliance and improving the efficiency of internal control systems and procedures.

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  • Resolution Office

    To establish resolution standards; contribute to international resolution policy development; undertake local and cross-border resolution planning; develop operational capabilities to implement resolution; and execute orderly resolution of a failing bank or a cross-sectoral group if needed.

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Last revision date : 10 September 2019