Security Information

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has become aware of a number of websites that look similar to the official HKMA website. We have also received reports of email and telephone messages purporting to be from the HKMA. These websites, and email and telephone messages often claim to offer banking or other services or request information such as account details, personal identification details and passwords, or tell the recipients that they have won a lottery and must deposit an advance fee into a designated bank account in order to receive the prize money. We believe that these websites, and email and telephone messages are involved in fraud or identity theft and we have reported them to the police. The following information is designed to help members of the public protect themselves against these activities.

The HKMA is the government authority in Hong Kong responsible for maintaining monetary and banking stability. As a central banking institution, the HKMA does not provide any form of banking services to individuals or companies or serve as a representative of any financial institutions. Under no circumstances would the HKMA and its employees initiate emails and telephone calls requesting individuals to disclose or confirm their personal or financial information.

The HKMA operates its official website using two domain names and, and has no connections with the hosts of any other websites which may look similar to its official website. You may access the HKMA website by typing either of the above domain names into the address bar of the browser, or by bookmarking the genuine website. We recommend that you do not access the HKMA website through hyperlinks provided in emails or websites from an unknown origin, Internet search engines or pop-up windows.

If you receive any suspicious messages or identify any suspicious websites that purport to be related to the HKMA, please report to the HKMA Public Enquiry Service (Enquiry Line: (852) 2878 8196; Fax: (852) 2878 2010; E-mail:

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Last revision date : 26 August 2019