Supervisory Policy Manual

This Manual sets out the HKMA’s latest supervisory policies and practices, the minimum standards authorized institutions (“AIs”) are expected to attain in order to satisfy the requirements of the Banking Ordinance and recommendations on best practices that AIs should aim to achieve.

The table of contents of the Manual below should be read in conjunction with the Introduction (PDF File, 95KB) and with the Glossary (PDF File, 225KB), which contains an explanation of abbreviations and other terms used in this Manual. If reading on-line, click on underlined headings to activate hyperlinks to the relevant module.

Notes to the following table:
1. GN = guidance note, SG = statutory guideline, TN = technical note
2. P = under preparation, C = under consultation, F = finalised module

* RE-2 Resolution planning has been issued for consultation in 2016, this module was finally issued as CI-1, a chapter of Code of Practice under Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance on 7 July 2017.

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Last revision date : 20 June 2024