Autopay Services

Smart Tips on Using Autopay Services

Before signing any authorisation documents, you should first clarify who is/are being authorised, whether they are reliable and how to cancel the authorisation. 

Sometimes consumers arrange payments by autopay services, for example, through bank account or credit card. As the parties authorised by consumers to transfer money from the consumers’ accounts are different for these two methods, when consumers wish to terminate the autopay arrangement, the process will also be different.

  • Autopay Arranged Through a Bank Deposit Account

    • Autopay arranged through a bank account in general involves authorisation given by the consumer to the bank concerned to transfer money to an account designated by the consumer. The consumer can directly ask the bank concerned to cancel the autopay authorisation.

  • Autopay Arranged Through a Credit Card

    • If the autopay is arranged through a credit card, it is an arrangement under which the consumer authorises the merchant to deduct money from his or her credit card account directly. The consumer can send a written instruction to the merchant to cancel the autopay authorisation.

    • If the merchant ignores the consumer’s instruction and continues to charge to his or her credit card account, the consumer can provide a copy of the cancellation instruction to the card issuing bank and ask it to help contact the merchant to seek reimbursement of the disputed amount and cancellation of the autopay arrangement.

Last revision date : 26 August 2019