• Smart Tips on Using ATMs
    • ATM Cards and Passwords

      Keep your ATM card safe. Set a password that is difficult to guess and different from the ones for other services. Change your password regularly. Do not keep your ATM card and password together.

    • ATMs

      Beware of anything unusual about the card insertion slot, keypad and keypad cover (e.g. whether any suspicious device is installed). Cover the keypad with your hand when entering your password and check whether anyone is trying to peek at your password.

    • Handling your Cash Withdrawals

      Count the banknotes immediately after each cash withdrawal. Do not take away any banknotes at the cash dispenser or ATM card at the card insertion slot left behind by someone else. Let the banknotes or ATM card return to the ATM automatically.

    • Overseas Cash Withdrawals

      If you intend to withdraw cash from overseas ATMs, check with your bank whether your intended overseas destination can support cash withdrawals using your ATM card. You should also activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function in advance and set a prudent overseas ATM cash withdrawal limit and an activation period.

    • Messages from Banks

      Check the transaction records provided by your bank in a timely manner. Inform your bank immediately if you lose your ATM card, or in case of any suspicious transactions or situations, regardless of the amount. Banks will not ask for any sensitive personal information (including passwords) through phone calls or emails.

    • Fund Transfers

      Verify carefully the transferee’s account number and transfer amount before confirming a fund transfer instruction. In case of any transfer to a wrong account by mistake, contact the bank for assistance as soon as possible. However, the bank can only transfer back the fund upon getting the transferee’s consent. If the transferee is not cooperative or refuses to return the fund, the transferor should consider reporting to the police. Besides, anyone who discovers a deposit to his bank account from an unknown source should report the matter to his bank immediately, otherwise, he can be criminally liable.

  • Security Controls for ATM Services

    The Hong Kong banking industry adopts chip-based technology to further strengthen the security of ATM services. The chip of a chip-based ATM card is equipped with a micro-processor which protects sensitive data stored within the chip and therefore is more effective in preventing card data from being copied to produce counterfeit cards. 

    As many ATMs outside Hong Kong are still using magnetic stripe technology, all ATM cards continue to feature a magnetic stripe to allow cardholders' use outside Hong Kong. But enhanced security measures are implemented by banks to offer additional protection against unauthorised ATM transactions outside Hong Kong. 

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Security Tips on Using ATMs
Security Tips on Using ATMs
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TV Announcement - Enhanced Security Controls for ATM Services
Last revision date : 14 January 2020