Suspected ATM Fraud Cases

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03 Dec 2012

Suspected ATM Fraud Cases

In view of recent reported cases of ATM skimming frauds, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) wishes to remind members of the public to be alert in using Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

It was believed that these cases involved fraudsters capturing data stored on magnetic stripe of ATM cards using reading devices attached to the ATMs’ card insertion slots and obtaining customers’ ATM Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) using hidden cameras.  The keypad cover installed by the bank at the ATM was also removed by the fraudsters in most of the cases.

The Hong Kong banking industry is implementing chip-based technology to further strengthen the security of ATM services.  Authorized institutions (AIs) offering ATM services are expected to complete the upgrading of their ATM terminals by end of February 2013, and the card replacement process by phases between 2014 and 2015.

Further, the HKMA has also required the AIs to step up their inspection of ATMs to ensure frequent patrols of ATMs at all times to detect any suspicious devices, regularly monitor transactions to identify any suspicious or fraudulent events, and strengthen customer education and awareness against ATM frauds.

The HKMA reminds customers to take precautionary measures to protect their Personal Identity Number (PIN) and ATM cards appropriately at all times, including:

  • covering the keypad while entering the PIN; and
  • watching out for any irregularity when using the ATMs, in particular whether the keypad cover has been removed (Note: as an additional measure introduced by the banking industry, keypad cover has been installed at all bank ATMs in Hong Kong) and any suspicious device has been installed at the card insertion slot, and reporting to their banks promptly if irregularity is found.


Hong Kong Monetary Authority
3 December 2012

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