Banking Made Easy Initiative

As one of the Smart Banking initiatives announced in September 2017, the Banking Made Easy initiative aims at reducing regulatory frictions hindering technological innovations. A Banking Made Easy Task Force has been set up by the HKMA to identify and streamline regulatory requirements so as to enhance customers’ experience in the following digital customer journeys:

  • remote customer onboarding and account maintenance;
  • online finance; and
  • online wealth management.

In September 2018, the HKMA announced a number of initiatives to further facilitate the development and adoption of regulatory technology (Regtech), commonly referring to the use of technologies for supporting banks’ day-to-day risk management or regulatory compliance processes. The scope of the Banking Made Easy initiative was therefore expanded to also facilitate Regtech development in Hong Kong, focusing on

  • anti-money laundering/counter-financing of terrorism surveillance technologies;
  • Regtech for prudential risk management and compliance; and
  • study on machine-readable regulations.

Last revision date : 08 November 2021