Online Parenting and Educational Campaign

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority collaborated with in organizing an online parenting and educational campaign in December 2020, which aimed at helping kindergarten (K1 – K3) and junior primary school students (P1 – P2) to learn basic money management concepts, banking and payment services. The campaign was successfully concluded and well received with more than 1,500 entries for the colouring & drawing competition. For more details about the campaign, please visit the campaign page in Chinese.

In the campaign page, parents and kids can watch a series of animation videos and attempt web-based games featuring a dedicated mascot called Dollar Pig and the Kam's family to bring out messages on money management topics in an interesting and a light-hearted manner. To further play to learn, parents and kids can download and complete the worksheets, and take the challenge of using recycled materials to handmake financial educational toys by following demo videos. You can also view the winning entries of the colouring and drawing competition there.

Moreover, there are new initiatives rolled out as sustaining initiatives for the campaign. They include an animation video enabling you to join with the Kam’s family to visit the HKMA Information Centre virtually, and a parenting financial education workshop on 11 September 2021 where participating parents and kids learnt simple money management concepts through hand-making a multi-function toy and sharing by guest speakers. The template and instruction guide for the toy are available for download.

Last revision date : 16 September 2021