Hong Kong Academy of Finance

The financial industry has become more and more globalised and technology-driven. The traditional boundaries between different sectors within the financial industry and between the financial and non-financial industries are increasingly blurred. The ability to upgrade our professional talent pool by promoting the global and inter-disciplinary perspectives of our talents and strengthen our applied research capability is crucial to the maintenance of Hong Kong’s position as a premier international financial centre. The Hong Kong Academy of Finance (AoF) was set up to enhance our soft power in a sustainable manner in these aspects.

The AoF is set up with full collaboration amongst the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Securities and Futures Commission, the Insurance Authority and the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority. The AoF brings together the strengths of the academia, the industry, professional training institutes and the regulatory community to develop financial leadership and promote research collaboration. The mission of the AoF is to serve as:

  • A centre of excellence for developing financial leadership; and
  • A repository of knowledge in monetary and financial research, including applied research.

For more information, please visit the website of Hong Kong Academy of Finance Limited.

AoF Interview Series on “Navigating through Uncertainties and Chaos”

Hong Kong Academy of Finance (AoF) proudly presents the Interview Series on “Navigating through Uncertainties and Chaos”. Distinguished leaders are invited to share, in front of camera, their wisdom and insights, which will benefit not only people working in financial services, but also everyone in society.

Interview with Professor Edward Chen

Professor Edward Chen, Chairman of HKU SPACE had an in-depth interview with us sharing his insights on how Hong Kong should position itself as super-connector, how scale does matter on Hong Kong’s economy, as well as his advice on talent development in times of uncertainties.

Interview with Mrs Laura Cha

Mrs Laura Cha, Chairman of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and Fellow of AoF, had a candid conversation in our Interview Series sharing not only her views on how leaders get prepared for the unpredictable, but also her experience in dealing with challenges as a regulator in Mainland China and Hong Kong, as well as her advice on how to attract more women professionals into Boards.

Interview with Professor Gabriel Leung

Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of Medicine at The University of Hong Kong had an in-depth interview with us sharing his views on how leadership can be contextualised at different positions, what more Hong Kong could do to fight against the pandemic, how Hong Kong could attract more talents into the local medical industry and how leaders should deal with the challenges brought by social media.

Interview with Mr Joseph Yam

Mr Joseph Yam, Non-Official Member of the Executive Council and Fellow of AoF had an in-depth interview with us sharing his views on the two previous financial crises and the current COVID-19 crisis, how leaders should prepare for the uncertain times, as well as his analysis on global monetary policies.

Last revision date : 21 October 2021