The Investment Sub-Committee

The Investment Sub-Committee monitors the HKMA's investment management work and makes recommendations on the investment policy and strategy of the Exchange Fund and on risk management and other related matters. 

  • Mr Eddie YUE, JP
    The Monetary Authority
  • Mr Howard LEE, JP
    Deputy Chief Executive
    Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Mr Nicky LO Kar-chun, SBS, JP
  • Mr Stephen YIU Kin-wah, JP
    Insurance Authority
  • Professor TAM Kar-yan, MH, JP
    Dean and Chair Professor, School of Business and Management
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Mr Raymund CHAO Pak-ki
    Chairman of PwC Asia Pacific
    Chairman & CEO of PwC China
  • Dr the Honourable Victor FUNG Kwok-king, GBM, GBS
    Group Chairman
    Fung Group
  • Mr Michael WONG Yick-kam, SBS, MH, JP
  • Ms Sarah KWOK
    Head (Corporate Development)
    Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Terms of Reference
  1. To monitor the investment management work of the HKMA.
  2. To make recommendations to the Financial Secretary, through the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee, on
    1. the investment benchmark for the Exchange Fund;
    2. the investment policy and risk management of the Fund;
    3. the investment strategy for the Fund; and
    4. any other matters referred to the Sub-Committee in connection with the investment management of the Exchange Fund.

Last revision date : 07 December 2023