The Governance Sub-Committee

The Governance Sub-Committee monitors the performance of the HKMA and makes recommendations on remuneration and human resources policies, and on budgetary, administrative and governance issues.

  • Mr Nicky LO Kar-chun, SBS, JP
  • Dr David WONG Yau-kar, GBS, JP
    Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
  • Dr Anthony CHOW Wing-kin, SBS, JP
    Guantao & Chow Solicitors and Notaries
  • Dr the Honourable Moses CHENG Mo-chi, GBM, GBS, JP
    Insurance Authority
  • Mr LAU Ming-wai, GBS, JP
    Chinese Estates Holdings Limited
  • The Honourable Bernard Charnwut CHAN, GBS, JP
    Asia Financial Holdings Limited
  • Ms Agnes CHAN Sui-kuen
    Managing Partner, Hong Kong and Macau
    Ernst & Young
  • The Honourable Rimsky YUEN Kwok-keung, GBM, SC, JP
    Temple Chambers
  • Mr Stephen YIU Kin-wah
  • Mr Tim LUI Tim-leung, SBS, JP
    Securities and Futures Commission
    Managing Partner, Hong Kong
    KPMG China
  • Ms Carrie CHAN
    Head (Corporate Development)
    Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Terms of Reference
  1. To monitor the performance of the HKMA in carrying out its functions and responsibilities and in its use of resources, and to formulate recommendations to the Financial Secretary through the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee (EFAC) on
    1. the remuneration and human resources policies of the HKMA;
    2. remuneration for HKMA staff, taking account of the Sub-Committee's assessment of the quality and effectiveness of the HKMA's work; and
    3. the use of resources of the HKMA, including its annual administrative budget.
  2. To consider recommendations and provide advice to the Financial Secretary on the appointment and dismissal of staff at the level of Executive Director and above.
  3. To keep under review the governance arrangements for the HKMA and to make recommendations to the Financial Secretary through EFAC as appropriate.

Last revision date : 01 February 2020