Corporate Social Responsibility

We are dedicated and committed to our corporate social responsibility, and we aim to be a responsible and sustainable organisation. This commitment is ingrained into the way the HKMA operates, and underpinned by our caring for our staff, support to our community, and protection of our environment.

Caring for Our Staff
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  • Training and Development

    Our staff are valuable assets of the HKMA. We accord priority to capacity development for our staff to cater for operational needs of the organisation and staff’s career development, and to prepare staff’s adaptiveness to new challenges. Considerable efforts are devoted to training staff’s vertical (or job-specific) and horizontal (or general) skills in accordance with the identified individual and organisational needs.

  • Equal Opportunities Policy

    The HKMA is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that everyone should be able to work in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, vilification, and victimisation. Our equal opportunities policy applies to job advertisements, recruitment, terms and conditions of employment, performance assessment, promotion, transfer, training, dismissals, grievance procedures and general conduct.

  • Work-life Balance and Staff’s Well-being

    The HKMA promotes work-life balance and cares about staff’s health and work safety. Regular talks on healthy lifestyles and workplace safety are organised, ergonomic furniture is provided, and indoor air quality is monitored. Annual on-site medical check-ups and flu vaccinations are arranged. The HKMA also provides an appropriate and friendly environment to support our breastfeeding staff, and sponsors a professional counselling service comprising experienced psychologists and social workers.

    Different activities are organised to enhance staff’s physical wellness, promote their sense of belonging, and foster cooperation and team spirit. Various interest classes are held for staff members and their families. Staff members have opportunities to mingle by participating in inter-organisational, cross-divisional activities such as basketball and football competitions with fellow regulators.

Support to Our Community
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  • Volunteer and Charitable Activities

    The HKMA firmly believes in the importance of servicing the community and supports community services through participation in different volunteer and charitable activities. The HKMA was accredited with the “10 Years Plus Caring Organisation Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service multiple times in recognition of its commitment in caring for the community.

    The HKMA Volunteer Team was formed to render voluntary services outside office hours such as outings, visits and tours, and activities arranged jointly with other service organisations to offer help to people in need. Details can be found in the Corporate Social Responsibility chapter of the HKMA Annual Report.

  • Public and Consumer Education

    The HKMA organises public education programmes to inform the public, and in particular students, about the work of the HKMA and enhance their financial literacy through seminars, guided tours at the HKMA Information Centre, and various consumer education initiatives. The HKMA also disseminates smart tips on the use of banking and related products and services to educate the public to be smart and responsible financial consumers.

  • Promotion of Financial Inclusion and Sound Bank Culture

    The HKMA attaches great importance to financial inclusion, and has been working closely with the industry to promote access to basic banking services by various segments of society. To further enhance customer protection, the HKMA complements its regulatory requirements on banks’ conduct and business practices with bank culture reform, with a view to promoting a sound culture at all levels of banks.

Protection of Our Environment
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  • Office Green Measures

    The HKMA’s “green spirit” is integrated into its day-to-day operations. Guided by an established environmental policy, diverse office green measures are implemented to protect and preserve the environment, with key initiatives including:


    • Using recycled paper/envelopes
    • Distributing electronic copies instead of hard copies of documents
    • Printing on both sides of the paper
    • Using colour printing/copying only when necessary
    • Avoiding using paper cups and reducing the use of paper hand towels


    • Switching off PCs, printers, lights, audio-visual systems and other electrical appliances when they are not in use
    • Reactivating the pre-set power-saving mode installed in most equipment, for example, water dispensers, electric punching machines and shredders, after use outside their pre-set operating hours
    • Reviewing regularly the need for additional air-conditioning beyond normal business hours


    • Making good use of recycled bins for collecting different categories of waste including paper, cans, bottles, batteries, CDs and ink cartridges
  • Green Finance

    The HKMA supports building a green and sustainable economy and has been actively promoting the further development of the green finance market in Hong Kong. Apart from assisting in the HK$100 billion Government Green Bond Programme, the HKMA organises various large-scale events to raise market awareness of and Hong Kong’s profile in green finance.

  • Responsible Investment

    The HKMA is supportive of responsible investment. As far as the management of the Exchange Fund is concerned, the HKMA has incorporated environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into various internal procedures for conducting and monitoring investment activities, and has developed internal guidelines on ESG factors covering the process of selection, appointment and monitoring of external fund managers. 

Last revision date : 15 July 2020