Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit (Part II)


24 Oct 2022

Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit (Part II)

So, the finishing line is in sight.  As every marathon runner knows, the last mile is always the most challenging.  

There will still be midnight oil to burn, but things are falling into place as planned.  In about a week, the Summit and its satellite events will take place here in Hong Kong.  We at the HKMA are very excited to welcome the leading figures from the world of finance.  The financial institutions they represent are at the top of the league tables in their respective segments across the global financial markets.  But what is more important is that these financial leaders will bring with them their unique perspectives and ideas about how we can manage a complex set of risks and challenges facing the global community and harness the power of finance, not just to do well but also to do good.  For this reason, and with the overwhelming response since I last wrote, we have extended the Summit to 3 November with a new session “Conversations with Global Investors” and are adding more heavy-weight speakers to the various panels.  The latest programme is attached for readers’ reference. I am sure we will benefit a great deal from their insights.  

The Summit presents a good opportunity, on the back of the Chief Executive’s recent Policy Address, for our guests to learn more about where Hong Kong is headed, our vision for the city and the steps we will take to realise that vision, and the opportunities that we offer to global businesses and talent.

This will also be an exciting occasion for our guests.  I have been receiving personal messages from these overseas friends saying how much they are looking forward to the events.  Some are bringing their global management teams with them, so that they will be better informed when drawing up their development strategies for the region.  Many have lined up meetings and engagements with their Hong Kong-based staff and clients.  Others are arranging celebrations to mark milestones for their institutions or are considering where to hold global or regional events of their own.    

This is exactly the kind of vibrant activity that characterises Hong Kong as a regional hub, and that we want to emphasise as we get back to normal after the restrictions necessitated by the pandemic.  So, we have made arrangements to enable our guests to achieve as much as they can during their short stay here.  In general, the arrangements follow the basic principles underlying our prevailing quarantine and infection control measures.  For example, visiting guests will undergo COVID tests before departure, on arrival and throughout the three-day medical surveillance period.  If tested positive, a guest can choose to leave by chartered flight or undergo isolation until it is considered safe, from public health angle, for the isolation arrangement to be lifted.

Within these broad parameters, and subject to necessary health safeguards, reasonable facilitation is provided to the guests.  For example, during the first three days of medical surveillance they will be able to have meals with others in private rooms and visit certain venues that require active checking. 

We are grateful to the health authority for facilitating this, and very much appreciate the understanding of our guests, who are willing to “re-live” a few things that may no longer be practised in their home countries.

What remains for us is to give our best in the time remaining to make the Summit a success.   I've heard that running marathons can become addictive.  So, who knows?  Maybe we'll be doing this again some time.  We will see when we pass that finishing line.


Eddie Yue
Chief Executive
Hong Kong Monetary Authority

24 October 2022

Attachment: Latest Summit Programme

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