International Co-operation

BIS Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures

The HKMA is a member of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures. The Committee contributes to strengthening financial market infrastructure through promoting sound and efficient payment and settlement systems. It serves as a forum for central banks to monitor and analyse developments in domestic payment, settlement and clearing systems, and cross-border and multi-currency settlement schemes.

Working Group on Payments and Market Infrastructures

The HKMA is a member of the Executives' Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks (EMEAP), a cooperative organisation of central banks and monetary authorities in the East Asia and Pacific region. The HKMA participates in, among others, the EMEAP Working Group on Payment and Settlement Systems, which studies the development in domestic and cross-border payment, and settlement systems in the region.

ASEAN + 3 Asian Bond Market Initiative (ABMI) - GOE

The HKMA is a member of the Group of Experts (GOE) under the ASEAN + 3 Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI). The GOE's membership comprises national and international experts drawn from public and private sector organisations. Its main role is to provide recommendations to improve cross-border bond settlements in ASEAN+3 region and contribute to the mission of the ABMI by helping to expand and deepen the local currency bond markets in the ASEAN + 3 economies.

Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group

The HKMA is a member of the Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group, an informal international organisation to facilitate the sharing of experience among central securities depositories and clearing organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

Last revision date : 26 August 2019