The disclosure requirements applicable to authorized institutions (AIs) are provided mainly in the Banking (Disclosure) Rules (BDR) issued by the Monetary Authority (MA) under section 60A of the Banking Ordinance. All AIs, except for those exempted such as smaller banks, are required to comply with the disclosure requirements. The Supervisory Policy Manual (SPM) module CA-D-1 “Guideline on the Application of the Banking (Disclosure) Rules” provides guidance on the interpretations of certain provisions of the BDR.

In addition, AIs are required to use the standard templates specified by the MA under sections 6(1)(ab) and 88(1)(b) of the BDR to make disclosures associated with the Basel regulatory standards to promote user relevance, consistency and comparability of disclosures among banks across jurisdictions.

Last revision date : 07 June 2021