Code of Conduct for Visitors

The HKMA Information Centre is a place for research, teaching and study. This Code of Conduct is drawn up for visitors to ensure that these activities can be carried out effectively.

  1. All visitors have to be registered with the Concierge Desk located in the HKMA lobby at the G/F of Two IFC. Visitors may also be asked to provide an identity proof when registering to visit the Centre.
  2. Only materials from the Information Centre may be used in the Centre.
  3. No books or other materials may be removed from the Centre unless purchased from the Centre.
  4. Books and other materials should be handled with care and should not be marked or damaged in any way.
  5. Visitors should observe silence in the Library except for necessary discussions with Information Centre staff. Visitors should avoid causing disturbance or disruption to other visitors and users of the Centre.
  6. Mobile telephones and other audio-electronic equipment should be switched off or set to silent mode before entering the Centre.
  7. Smoking is prohibited in the Centre.
  8. Food and drink may not be brought into the Centre.
  9. Visitors should avoid bringing heavy luggage or bags to the Centre. Bags or belongings may be searched for security reasons.
  10. Visitors should report to staff in case of sickness, accident or emergency.
  11. Library materials should be left on the trolley in the Library after use for reshelving. Visitors should not reshelve the materials themselves.
  12. Photographs may be taken in the Exhibition Area but not in the Library. No flash or tripod may be used.
  13. The intellectual property rights to all original materials in the Exhibition Area belong to the HKMA. Reproduction and presentations using the materials in the Exhibition Area are prohibited unless prior approval has been given by the HKMA.
  14. Visitors who fail to observe this code may be asked to leave the Centre.
  15. The Centre will be closed when the tropical cyclone warning signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, or is about to be hoisted. The HKMA reserves the right to close the Centre in case of emergency, or in the interests of safety, or for any other reason. Such closures may be at short notice. A notice about the closure will be posted in the HKMA G/F lobby and on the HKMA website when necessary.

Last revision date : 26 August 2019