Complaints Watch Issue No. 21

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18 Jan 2023

Complaints Watch Issue No. 21

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) published today (18 January) the Complaints Watch Issue No.21, which highlights the latest banking complaint trends, emerging topical issues, and areas that Authorized Institutions (AIs) and members of the public may be alert to. It aims at promoting proper standards of conduct and prudent business practices among AIs as well as fostering financial consumer education.

The Complaints Watch is published on a half-yearly basis, and will supersede existing press releases on banking complaint statistics.

This issue of Complaints Watch contains two feature articles “Consumer protection against online shopping and phishing scams” and “Disclosure regarding investment products”. In addition, some tips are shared with banks’ complaint handling officers on “Do’s and Don’ts”. The HKMA has also issued a new post on social media platforms with the theme “Read SMS carefully. Use AutoFill cautiously.” today to further raise public awareness of phishing scams.

The Complaints Watch is available on the HKMA website.


Hong Kong Monetary Authority
18 January 2023

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