Reproduction of Hong Kong Currency Notes

Applications to the HKMA

Under section 103 of the Crimes Ordinance (Cap. 200 of the Laws of Hong Kong), a person who, without the consent in writing of the Monetary Authority, reproduces on any substance whatsoever, and whether or not to the correct scale, any Hong Kong currency note or any part of a Hong Kong currency note, commits an offence.  The above provision applies to any Hong Kong currency note which has been lawfully issued in Hong Kong, despite that the note may no longer be in day to day circulation.

In the light that there have been cases of counterfeit notes being accepted by the public as genuine notes, the HKMA and the Police have put in place appropriate approval procedures for reproduction of Hong Kong currency notes to guard against the passing of counterfeit notes into circulation.

Applications for reproduction of Hong Kong currency notes may be divided into two categories: (1) production of stage money; (2) for other purposes e.g. advertisement, educational or instructional purposes etc..  These will be given approval after consultation with the Police, provided that the applicants undertake to comply with the stipulated conditions.  The approval will be copied to the Police for record (and monitoring of management and storage etc. in the case of stage money).

Since section 103 of the Crimes Ordinance applies to Hong Kong currency notes only, the HKMA is not empowered to process applications for reproduction of foreign currency.  Those who wish to reproduce currency notes of other countries should study the laws and regulations of the respective countries and assess the legal risks, including ss.96-102 of the Crimes Ordinance (Cap. 200 of the Laws of Hong Kong).  If in doubt, please seek independent legal advice.

Unless the electronic images of currency notes are to be reproduced into a physical form, approval by the HKMA is not required for the filming of currency notes for viewing on mobile phones and electronic screens, as such electronic images cannot be passed as currency notes.  Nor is approval required for making of electronic or print images of currency notes by the media for news reporting purposes.

Please send your applications and enquiries to the HKMA by: –

  • email:;
  • fax: 2878 2010; or
  • post: 55/F, Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong (Attn: Public Enquiry Service)

Intellectual Property Rights Issues

Before reproducing Hong Kong currency notes, applicants should directly liaise with the concerned note-issuing banks or the Information Services Department of the HKSAR Government (for the Government $10 notes), for consent to use their currency note images.

Last revision date : 21 March 2023