Electronic Submissions

  • In accordance with the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority will accept electronic submissions in respect of the following six ordinances :
Cap. 65 Legal Tender Notes Issue Ordinance
Cap. 66 Exchange Fund Ordinance
Cap. 155 Banking Ordinance
Cap. 356 Monetary Statistics Ordinance
Cap. 454 Coinage Ordinance
Cap. 581 Deposit Protection Scheme Ordinance
  • The electronic submissions should be submitted in one of the following two means :
    1. Through Electronic Mail

      The designated email address of the HKMA for receiving electronic submissions via email is as follows :


    2. In Physical Form

      The electronic submissions in 3.5" diskette, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM should be sent to the following address :

      55th Floor
      Two International Finance Centre
      8 Finance Street
      Hong Kong

      Please note that the specifications of 3.5" diskette, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are shown in the Government Notice No. 8522 gazetted on 23 October 2015.

  • The general format, manner and procedure for electronic submissions to the HKMA are shown in the Government Notice No. 8522 gazetted on 23 October 2015.
  • The electronic submissions should not contain any computer instruction or self-modifying parts.
  • The following information should be provided on the first page of the electronic submissions to the HKMA :
    1. the name and the post of the HKMA officer(s) who should receive the submission;
    2. the subject of the submission;
    3. the identity of the issuing person, including the name, the post and the organization;and
    4. the telephone & fax no. as well as the postal address of the issuing person.
  • For electronic submissions with digital signatures, the submissions must be encrypted.

Last revision date : 09 August 2021