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20 Aug 2019Norman Chan on Payment and Settlement System and Central Banking
20 Aug 2019Norman Chan Reviews His Time at the HKMA: Foreword
15 Jul 2019Howard Lee on Recent Movements of Hong Kong Dollar Interbank and Exchange Rates
2 May 2019Howard Lee on Reform of Interest Rate Benchmarks
12 Apr 2019Arthur Yuen on Tiered Account Services: A New Initiative on Promoting Financial Inclusion
29 Oct 2018Eddie Yue on Exchange Fund’s Investment in Infrastructure – Creating Value by Adopting a Gradual and Prudent Approach
17 Sep 2018Norman Chan on Launch of the Faster Payment System
13 Sep 2018Nelson Chow on FFO’s Summer Projects
23 Aug 2018Vincent Lee on Capturing Opportunities Together with Central State-owned Enterprises
21 Jun 2018Arthur Yuen on Beware of Representations Using the Description “Bank”
20 Jun 2018Eddie Yue on Fast Growing Green Finance Market
18 Jun 2018Howard Lee on Six Questions about Stage Money
24 May 2018Howard Lee on Hong Kong Dollar Fund Flows
16 May 2018Arthur Yuen on Clarifying Some Misconceptions on the Credit Risk Faced by the Banking Sector in Hong Kong
10 May 2018Eddie Yue on A Golden Opportunity for Hong Kong’s Bond Market
24 Apr 2018Norman Chan on The Linked Exchange Rate System Staying Robust with Local Interest Rates Gradually on the Rise
8 Mar 2018Norman Chan on Stay Calm on the Weakening of the Hong Kong Dollar
8 Feb 2018Norman Chan on Hong Kong’s Strategic Position of “Leveraging the Mainland while Engaging the World”
23 Nov 2017Norman Chan on How to Get Rid of Banking Supervisors
16 Nov 2017Howard Lee on Cross-border Trade Finance
13 Nov 2017Howard Lee on Building a Diversified, Inclusive and Convenient Payment Ecosystem
19 Sep 2017Eddie Yue on Infrastructure Investment – a Timeless Form of Investment
18 Sep 2017Norman Chan on Building ‘Hong Kong’ as a Brand for Financial Services: Beyond Marketing
6 Sep 2017Norman Chan on Globalisation, Technological Innovation, Monetary Policy, and the Distribution of Income and Wealth
28 Aug 2017Norman Chan on Corporate Treasury Centres – a New Horizon for Hong Kong’s Financial Industry
24 Aug 2017Howard Lee on One Year On since SVF Licences were First Granted
10 Aug 2017Norman Chan on Bank Resolution Regime – A Newly Established Line of Defence for Banking Stability
30 Jul 2017Eddie Yue on Investment Outlook for the Second Half of the Year: Stay Alert and Remain Cautious
6 Jul 2017Norman Chan on Grasping the Opportunities Offered by Bond Connect
19 Jun 2017Credit Card Chargeback Protection
14 Jun 2017Norman Chan on FinTech vs TechFin
18 May 2017Norman Chan on Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
9 May 2017Life Annuity Scheme
12 Apr 2017Eddie Yue on A Promising Future for Infrastructure Investment and Financing
16 Mar 2017Norman Chan on Trilogy of Sound Banking
2 Mar 2017Sukuk
23 Jan 2017Sincere dialogue among Mr Li, Mr Wong and Mr Ho on SME Financing Guarantee Scheme
22 Jan 2017Fintech Career Accelerator Scheme Information Day
16 Jan 2017Go Green: Good-as-new Notes
10 Jan 2017Eddie Yue on Exchange Fund: Looking ahead – A combination of prudent and proactive approaches to achieve long-term growth
9 Jan 2017Eddie Yue on Exchange Fund: 2016 in review – A volatile and unpredictable post-QE era
24 Nov 2016The Information Centre is getting a new look
10 Nov 2016The Fintech Day
2 Nov 2016Norman Chan on Dialogue on reform of bank culture among central bankers from New York, London and Hong Kong
31 Oct 2016Norman Chan on It’s hard to open a bank account, but is it also hard to maintain it?
26 Oct 2016Why should banks use mortgage e-Alert Service?
29 Sep 2016HKMA’s Manager Trainee Programme
8 Sep 2016Norman Chan on Pursuing financial inclusion despite challenges
5 Sep 2016Norman Chan on Follow-up work on issues concerning difficulties in opening bank accounts and obtaining bank loans by small and medium-sized enterprises
24 Aug 2016Part 2: Smart tips on using stored value facilities
23 Aug 2016Part 1: Smart tips on using stored value facilities
11 Aug 2016The Silver Bond
14 Jul 2016Norman Chan on From piggy bank to financial inclusion
7 Jul 2016Smart tips on using autopay services
28 Jun 2016Norman Chan on The Official Launch of IFFO
21 Jun 2016Six things you may not know about iBond
20 Jun 2016Arthur Yuen on Mortgage Loans with High Loan-to-Value Ratios offered by Property Developers
17 Jun 2016Arthur Yuen on Bank account opening for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups
16 Jun 2016Fintech O2O Meetup
15 Jun 2016Four tips on identifying counterfeit banknotes
7 Jun 2016Why do INEDs of banks need further training?
3 Jun 2016Norman Chan on Story behind the Initiative to Promote the Development of Corporate Treasury Centres in Hong Kong
25 May 2016Episode 2 – Where do all the collected coins go?
16 May 2016Episode 1 – The Coin Cart Double Act!
12 May 2016Norman Chan on Cybersecurity: Practice what you know
27 Apr 2016Raymond Li on Upholding Professionalism in Serving SMEs
7 Apr 2016Norman Chan on Infrastructure Financing: Belt and Road Strategy and Hong Kong’s Role
21 Mar 2016Norman Chan on Risk-based and technology-neutral – the HKMA’s supervisory approach to financial technology (Fintech)
10 Mar 2016Norman Chan on Think Twice Before Mortgaging Your Property
18 Feb 2016Norman Chan on Video Teller Machines – Fostering “Financial Inclusion” with Technology
1 Feb 2016Norman Chan on Get a Full Grasp of the Situation and Stay Calm
27 Jan 2016Howard Lee on The Hong Kong Dollar Linked Exchange Rate System
21 Jan 2016Arthur Yuen on P2P small-value payment and mobile banking: the importance of customers’ security awareness
16 Dec 2015Eddie Yue on The Long-Term Growth Portfolio of the Exchange Fund – Focusing on Future, Striving for Growth (2 of 2)
14 Dec 2015Eddie Yue on The Long-Term Growth Portfolio of the Exchange Fund – Focusing on Future, Striving for Growth (1 of 2)
10 Dec 2015Arthur Yuen on Hong Kong Dollars or Foreign Currencies? Making the Smart Choice when Using your Credit Cards Overseas
23 Nov 2015Norman Chan on Mobile Banking, Customer-Centrism, Financial Inclusion
13 Nov 2015Peter Pang on Stored Value Facilities
5 Nov 2015Norman Chan on Steering a Steady Course through Choppy Waters
29 Oct 2015Norman Chan on e-Cheque: A new era of payments in Hong Kong
25 Oct 2015Eddie Yue on A Turbulent Time for Investment – the First Three Quarters of 2015
16 Sep 2015Norman Chan on RMB Internationalisation Hong Kong: The Bridge Linking China with the Rest of the World (Chinese Version)
12 Jun 2015Norman Chan on Hitting the road: my story as a salesman to promote RMB business overseas (Chinese version only)
4 Jun 2015Stewart McGlynn on The Importance of Robust Anti-Money Laundering Controls
10 Apr 2015Norman Chan on Who Would Mortgage Their Children?
20 Mar 2015Arthur Yuen on Property Mortgage Loans by Finance Companies and Countercyclical Measures
15 Jan 2015Eddie Yue on The Exchange Fund Investments: Ready for Risk, Steady for Growth
15 Sep 2014Norman Chan on What does it take to develop a Global Offshore RMB Hub? (Chinese Version)
11 Aug 2014Norman Chan on My Vision for the HKMA in the Next Five Years
4 Aug 2014Norman Chan on The Future of Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre amidst the Liberalisation of Mainland China’s Financial Sector
28 Jul 2014Norman Chan on The Exchange Fund – Last Line of Defence for Financial Stability
26 Jul 2014Peter Pang on Further Net Inflow of Funds
21 Jul 2014Norman Chan on The Two-Pronged Approach to Banking Supervision in Hong Kong
14 Jul 2014Norman Chan on The HKMA’s countercyclical prudential measures and financial stability
7 Jul 2014Norman Chan on My past five years in the HKMA
15 Apr 2014Arthur Yuen on Mainland-related exposures
18 Feb 2014Norman Chan on Hong Kong as Offshore Renminbi Centre – Past and Prospects
25 Nov 2013Norman Chan on "Can Central Banks Save the World?"
14 Oct 2013Norman Chan on The Linked Exchange Rate System – 30 Years On
13 Sep 2013Norman Chan on Foreign Exchange turnover involving the Hong Kong dollar and Hong Kong dollar marginalisation
6 Sep 2013Norman Chan on How Can Hong Kong Consolidate its Position as Asia’s Premier Wealth and Asset Management Hub (Chinese Version)
4 Sep 2013Norman Chan on Director Development in the Hong Kong Banking Sector
26 Aug 2013Peter Pang on Extension of the Operating Hours for Cross-border Renminbi Payment
26 Jul 2013Eddie Yue on Investment Environment in the First Half of 2013
24 Apr 2013Henry Cheng on Trojan Horse Attack on Internet Banking Services
22 Apr 2013Meena Datwani on Consider the Important Facts before you decide to take up an investment-linked assurance scheme (ILAS) product
16 Apr 2013Norman Chan on The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited
21 Feb 2013Norman Chan on Development of Offshore Renminbi Business in Hong Kong: Review and Outlook
6 Dec 2012Karen Kemp on Basel 3 – The Timing Dilemma
9 Nov 2012Norman Chan on The Recent Inflow of Funds into Hong Kong and Operation of the Linked Exchange Rate System
1 Nov 2012Nelson Man On Precautionary Measures to Improve ATM Security
3 Aug 2012Edmond Lau on Interbank Interest Rate Fixing Mechanism
19 Jul 2012Peter Pang on Promise of Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology
14 May 2012Norman Chan on Diversification of Investment of the Exchange Fund
10 Jan 2012Meena Datwani on "What should you do if you lose your credit card and Octopus card?"
25 Oct 2011Meena Datwani on Instalment Payment Plans involving Pre-payment for Goods or Services
28 Sep 2011Meena Datwani on “Buy at a discount?”
16 Sep 2011Nelson Man on E-payment and E-banking Security Tips
23 Aug 2011Nelson Man on Beware of Phishing E-mails and Fraudulent Bank Websites
15 Aug 2011Norman Chan on the Linked Exchange Rate System
14 Aug 2011Meena Datwani on What You Should Know about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
28 Jul 2011Norman Chan on Hong Kong Offshore Renminbi Business Development in the First Half of 2011
19 Jul 2011Norman Chan on Development of Offshore Renminbi Business
22 Jun 2011Norman Chan on Hong Kong as an Offshore Renminbi Centre - The HKMA's Roadshow in Moscow
30 May 2011Norman Chan on Offshore Renminbi Business in Hong Kong and the Status of the Hong Kong Dollar
18 May 2011Norman Chan on Adjustments in Hong Kong Dollar Interest Rates
14 Apr 2011Eddie Yue on Normalisation of Monetary Conditions
18 Feb 2011Norman Chan on the Exchange Fund and Hong Kong's Currency and Financial Stability
6 Jan 2011Peter Pang on Mortgage Insurance is the Key to Success of Reverse Mortgage
12 Nov 2010Meena Datwani on Watch out for Trojan Horse Attacks
4 Nov 2010Norman Chan on Global Excessive Liquidity: Where Does Hong Kong Stand
15 Oct 2010Meena Datwani on Are Cookies Bad for You
22 Jul 2010Eddie Yue on Investment Environment in the First Half of 2010
24 Jun 2010Eddie Yue on Flows of Funds
20 May 2010Meena Datwani on Enhanced Investor Protection through Pre-Investment Cooling-off Period
24 Mar 2010Norman Chan on Seven Lessons of the Global Financial Crisis
19 Mar 2010Arthur Yuen on Guideline on a Sound Remuneration System
2 Mar 2010Arthur Yuen on Prudential Supervision of Residential Mortgage Lending
1 Feb 2010Norman Chan on Latest Analysis of Fund Inflows into the Hong Kong Dollar
28 Jan 2010Eddie Yue on Investment Results of the Exchange Fund in 2009
1 Dec 2009Raymond Li on Completion of the Review of the Deposit Protection Scheme
19 Nov 2009Norman Chan on Inflows of Funds and Potential Risks
12 Nov 2009Norman Chan on 10th Anniversary of Listing of TraHK
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