Transparency of Currency Board Operations

The HKMA has been disclosing the forecast change in the Aggregate Balance attributable to the HKMA's foreign exchange transactions on its Reuters page on a real time basis since June 1998. This measure enables market participants to anticipate changes in liquidity conditions in the interbank market and facilitates a more efficient adjustment in the interbank interest rates. In addition, details of the entire Monetary Base and a breakdown of its components are published on the Reuters' HKMA page every day. Information on the Monetary Base and Interbank Liquidity are also released daily on the HKMA website.

To promote a better understanding of the Currency Board operations in Hong Kong, the HKMA has been disclosing the records of discussion of the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee (EFAC) Currency Board Sub-Committee since November 1998. Besides, the Currency Board Account has been published every month since March 1999. The Account shows the Backing Assets on its assets side and the Monetary Base on its liabilities side. These arrangements demonstrate the HKMA's compliance with Currency Board principles and promote public confidence in our monetary system.

Last revision date : 26 August 2019