The Oriental Bank (later renamed The Oriental Bank Corporation)

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  • 1845

    Hong Kong’s first note-issuing bank, the Oriental Bank, opens a branch in Hong Kong.

  • 1846

    The Oriental Bank issues Hong Kong’s first banknotes, all of which are denominated in $5. 

    Early banknotes are in effect receipts issued to the public for depositing silver, and can be presented to banks anytime in exchange for silver of the equivalent denomination value.

  • 1851

    It is renamed The Oriental Bank Corporation after obtaining a Royal Charter, while the Chinese name remains the same.

  • 1884

    The Oriental Bank Corporation is wound up following a coffee crop failure in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), to which the bank lends heavily.  The bank is later reorganised as the New Oriental Bank Corporation.

  • 1892

    The bank closes down.

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