The Deposit-taking Companies Advisory Committee

  • The Honourable Paul CHAN Mo-po, GBM, GBS, MH, JP
    The Financial Secretary
Ex Officio Member
  • Mr Eddie YUE, JP
    The Monetary Authority
  • The Honourable Christopher HUI Ching-yu, GBS, JP
    Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury
  • Mrs Lourdes A. SALAZAR
    The DTC Association (The Hong Kong Association of Restricted Licence Banks and Deposit-taking Companies)
    Representing The DTC Association
  • Ms Gilly WONG Fung-han
    Chief Executive
    Consumer Council
    Representing the Consumer Council
  • The Honourable Elizabeth QUAT, BBS, JP
    Legislative Council
  • Mr CHONG Yam-kiang
    Executive Director and Chief Executive
    Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Mr Dennis CHOW Chi-in
    Chair, Deloitte Asia Pacific
    Deputy Chair, Deloitte Global
  • Ms Jasmin FUNG
Last revision date : 02 January 2024