Policy Section

The Policy Section explains the work of the HKMA and related financial concepts.

Guide to the Policy Section

Policy Section Floor Plan
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An Overview of the Policy Section
Themes Key Contents of Touchscreen Panels Interactive Games

1. The HKMA

Introduces the organisational structure, functions and responsibilities of the HKMA

  • Organisational structure
  • The Exchange Fund Advisory Committee
  • The HKMA’s functions and responsibilities

Space Balancer –

By controlling the spaceship, visitors learn about three major functions of the HKMA – ensuring the stability and integrity of the monetary system, banking system and financial infrastructure in Hong Kong.

2. Banking Stability

Elaborates on the role of banks in the financial system and the HKMA’s work in promoting the stability and integrity of the banking system

  • The HKMA’s approach to banking supervision
  • Banking system in Hong Kong
  • Number and asset size of authorized institutions
  • Deposit Protection Scheme

Guardian of the Banking System –

The game of protecting the Banking System Castle highlights the crucial elements of the HKMA’s banking supervision to ensure banks operate in a sound and effective manner.

3. Monetary Stability

Highlights the importance of the Linked Exchange Rate System (LERS) for Hong Kong and explains the HKMA’s work in maintaining currency stability within the framework of the LERS

  • Monetary policy objectives
  • Monetary Base of Hong Kong
  • Frequently Asked Questions

A Journey to Find an Anchor –

The anchor-finding game underlines the importance of the LERS as the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s monetary and financial stability. With the US dollar as the “anchor” currency under the LERS, Hong Kong dollar will remain stable even if the external environment is volatile.

4. Management of the Exchange Fund

Provides a brief overview of the history, investment objectives, and portfolios of the Exchange Fund, and its role in times of crises

  • Total assets, balance sheet and rate of return of the Exchange Fund
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Be a Smart Farmer –

The game of planting flowers and carrots illustrates the unpredictable nature of the investment environment, akin to the weather. In the long run, an appropriately diversified investment portfolio can better balance risks and return in most circumstances when compared with a concentrated portfolio.

5. Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre

Presents Hong Kong’s unique advantages and soft power, and how the HKMA strengthens Hong Kong’s position as an international financial centre through developing financial infrastructure

  • The HKMA’s work in promoting the development of financial markets, including renminbi business, asset management business, corporate treasury centres, infrastructure financing, etc
  • Financial infrastructure in Hong Kong, including payment systems, the Central Moneymarkets Unit system, etc
  • The development of financial technology and retail payment financial infrastructure in Hong Kong, including stored value facilities, electronic cheques, etc

From Money to Heart –

The character Goldie highlights the importance of maintaining a safe and efficient financial infrastructure. Financial infrastructure is like blood vessels: we normally do not notice their importance until there are symptoms of illness!

6. Consumer Education

Provides useful tips for becoming smart and responsible financial consumers

  • Credit cards
  • Self-banking service
  • Suspicious phone calls

The Smart Duo –

The interesting board game of catching criminal enables visitors to become smart and responsible financial consumers by learning or reviewing some useful tips on using banking and financial products and services.


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