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The Currency Section introduces the design, security features, production process and other fun facts about Hong Kong currency notes and coins, and exhibits the notes and coins currently in circulation in Hong Kong.

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Guide to the Currency Section

Currency Section Floor Plan
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An Overview of the Currency Section
Themes Key Contents
  1. 2018 New Series Hong Kong Banknotes
  • Introduce the thematic designs of the new series banknotes
  1. Security Features
  • Demonstrate the security features of the 2018 New Series Hong Kong Banknotes
    • Dynamic shimmering pattern
    • Windowed metallic thread
    • Enhanced watermark
    • Fluorescent see-through denomination
    • Concealed denomination
    • Embossed feel
  1. The Making of Banknote Paper
  • “Venture into” the manufacturing plant to experience “first-hand” the production process of banknote paper
  • Display raw materials for banknote paper making
  1. Accessible Banknotes
  • Explain the HKMA’s efforts in enhancing the accessibility features of banknotes to facilitate the visually impaired to differentiate the denominations of banknotes
  1. Banknote Printing Process
  • “Venture into” the note printing plant to “take a peek” at the printing process
  • Try out the interactive game, “Banknote Printing Corps” to enhance understanding of the note printing process
  1. Designs of Hong Kong Currency Notes and Coins
  • Obtained the electronic images of the designs of Hong Kong currency notes issued over the past 150 years and coins in circulation over the past 60 years from the Hong Kong Museum of History
  • Display the electronic images in an interactive way to facilitate visitors in comparing the designs and features of Hong Kong currency notes and coins over the years
  1. Fun Facts about Notes and Coins
  • Highlight some fun facts about Hong Kong currency notes and coins
  • Cover history, law, daily life and other aspects
  1. Notes and Coins in Circulation
  • Display the real exhibits of all notes and coins currently in circulation in Hong Kong, showcasing the “family portrait” of Hong Kong currency notes and coins
  1. Coin Collection Programme
  • Introduce the Coin Collection Programme and the coin carts
  • Produce a mock display of the coin cart to allow visitors to have a close look at the facilities of the coin cart
  1. Designing your Own $10 Note
  • Unleash your creativity by designing a unique $10 note
  1. Genuine vs. Counterfeit Banknotes
  • Enhance visitors’ understanding of the security features of banknotes by displaying real exhibits of counterfeit notes loaned by the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force

12. Small Change, Big Ode

“Small Change, Big Ode” is a mosaic artwork of our world-famous Victoria Harbour by making use of Hong Kong coins. It was jointly created by a team of 10 Hong Kong Art School students in about six months. Coins of various hues were gathered by the team from various sources, including the HKMA’s coin carts, banks, retail outlets, etc. The coins used range from sparkling uncirculated coins to well-used and worn pieces. In order to enhance the multi-layered effect, some parts of the artwork contain up to 15-16 layers of coins.

Small Change, Big Ode

Key Facts


3 metres by 3 metres


About 1,270 kg

Denominations of coins

7 (including $10, $5, $2, $1, 50 cents, 20 cents and 10 cents)

Number of coins

135,811 pieces

Total value of coins


13. Chanting Notes

Using shredded currency notes that are no longer fit for circulation, the artists meticulously sort the confetti by hues and tones, and then transform them into granules, strips or sheets inside 2,018 pieces of see-through cubes. Through this painstaking process, the shredded currency notes are finally reincarnated into a Bauhinia tree suspended in mid-air, with lighting effects highlighting the beauty of the tree in all four seasons! The repetitive creation process is like chanting and orchestrating chapters of notes into a rhythmic composition.


Chanting Notes

Key Facts

Occupied area 2.05 metres by 1.59 metres
Height 3.25 metres
Denominations of shredded notes 6 (including shredded $1,000, $500, $100, $50, $20 and $10 notes)
Number of cubes 2,018
Number of strings 650

The Making of “Chanting Notes”
The Making of “Chanting Notes”
Behind “Chanting Notes” – Interview with the artists
Behind “Chanting Notes” – Interview with the artists
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