Ten-Dollar Polymer Note

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has issued the ten-dollar polymer note since 2007. The polymer note circulates alongside the ten-dollar paper notes and coins. All these ten-dollar notes and coins are legal tender in Hong Kong.

Design and Security Features
  • * Attention
The Ten-dollar polymer note resembles the Ten-dollar paper note, retaining some of its security features while adopting some new security features unique to polymer notes. Security features of the ten-dollar polymer note:




  • 1

    Clear window

    a see-through window with a numeral 10

  • 2

    Shadow image of the bauhinia flower in the clear window

    A watermark-like image of the bauhinia flower integrated into the clear window.

  • 3

    Numeral 10 shadow image

    A watermark-like image of the numeral 10 is visible when viewed with background light.

  • 4

    Colour shift

    The colour of the ribbon on the clear window changes between pink and purple when the note is tilted or examined against light and dark background.

  • 5

    See-through picture

    When the note is viewed with background light, the patterns on the front and back of the note align perfectly to show a complete picture of a horse.

  • 6

    Concealed denomination

    The numeral 10 appears when the note is tilted.

  • 7

    Reflective band

    A shimmering band showing images of the bauhinia flower and "HK10" when the note is tilted.

  • 8

    Enlarged numeral

    The numeral 10 has been enlarged and made easier to feel.

Last revision date : 26 August 2019