Ten-Dollar Paper Note

Hong Kong's ten dollar note, in circulation since 2002, is issued by the Government in recognition of a continuing demand among the public for a ten-dollar note in addition to the ten-dollar coin. The ten-dollar coin and the old green ten-dollar notes remain in circulation.

Design and Security Features
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The ten-dollar note incorporates a variety of advanced security features. Most of them are visible to the naked eye.




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    Intaglio printing

    The number 10 is printed with a thick, embossed effect. More embossed effects can be felt in the middle of the notes.

  • 2

    See-through picture

    When the note is held up to the light, the patterns on the front and back fit perfectly to show a complete image of a horse.

  • 3


    When the note is held up to the light, the number 10 and a bauhinia flower are visible.

  • 4

    Concealed denomination

    The number 10 appears when the note is tilted.

  • 5

    Windowed thread

    A 2mm-wide metallic thread is embedded in the paper.

  • 6

    Fluorescent fibres

    Red, blue and green fibres - visible under ultraviolet light - are randomly embedded in the paper.

  • 7

    Reflective band

    When the note is tilted under a bright light, a shimmering band showing bauhinia flowers and "HK 10" is visible.

  • 8

    Fluorescent denomination

    The number 10 is visible under ultraviolet light.

Further Information
  • Q&As

    Why is the new $10 note being issued?

    The new note is intended to satisfy a general public demand for the choice of a $10 note in addition to the $10 coin.


    Will this new $10 note replace the $10 coin and the existing $10 banknotes?

    No. The existing $10 coin and the $10 banknotes issued by HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank remain legal tender.
    Ten Dollar Note  Ten Dollar CoinTen Dollar Note


    When will the new note be available to the public?

    You can expect to begin to see the note appearing in your change from the late summer and early autumn of 2002 onwards. The new note will be released gradually as supplies become available.


    The new $10 note contains a number of special security features. Will these features also be applied to other Hong Kong banknotes?

    A review of the design of all of Hong Kong's banknotes is now in progress. Decisions on the security features for banknotes of other denominations are being taken as part of this review.


    What should I do if I think that a note or coin may be counterfeit?

    Retain the note or coin and take it to the nearest police station. Alternatively, call the Commercial Crime Bureau at 2860 5012 or 2860 5013.

Last revision date : 26 August 2019