General Notes & Abbreviations

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  1. The Monthly Statistical Bulletin (MSB) is released, in two batches, on the 3rd and 6th business days of each month.
  2. The charts and tables in the MSB, presented in English and Chinese, are compiled by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Reproduction is permitted provided that the source is properly acknowledged.
  3. All Excel files in the Bulletin have been pre-set with specific print ranges to make them easily printable on A4 paper to show the latest data. Please make adjustments to the print ranges to suit your printing needs for historical data when necessary.
  4. Money and banking statistics are revised monthly to take into account any subsequent amendments submitted by the authorized institutions.
  5. Figures may not add up because of rounding.
  6. General definitions on financial terms and concepts can be found by clicking links in table titles to the on-line Guide to Hong Kong Monetary, Banking and Financial Terms. Specific notes relating to the tables appear underneath the tables.
  7. The abbreviations used in the MSB are:
    AIs Authorized institutions
    RLBs Restricted licence banks
    DTCs Deposit-taking companies
    M1 Money Supply 1
    M2 Money Supply 2
    M3 Money Supply 3
    F.C. Foreign currency
    NCDs Negotiable certificates of deposit
    CHATS Clearing House Automated Transfer System
    ECG Electronic Clearing
    CMU Central Moneymarkets Unit
    HIBOR Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rates
    SDR Special Drawing Right
    BIS Bank for International Settlements
    IMF International Monetary Fund
    CPI Consumer Price Index
    GDP Gross Domestic Product
    0 Less than half the final digit shown (Include magnitude zero)
    - Not applicable
    N.A. Not available
  8. Suggestions for improvements to the contents and presentation of the Monthly Statistical Bulletin are most welcome. Please send your views to:

Last revision date : 26 August 2019