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About the HKMA
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The HKMA Information Centre
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Working at the HKMA

Conduct and Discipline

The HKMA places great emphasis on the integrity and conduct of its staff.

The HKMA has issued a Code of Conduct (PDF File, 687KB), which provides guidance to employees on their ethical and legal responsibilities. The HKMA expects its staff to observe it at all times.

Post-Termination Employment Policy

It is vital to the credibility and effectiveness of the HKMA, and in the interests of staff, that employees who move from the HKMA to other organisations are not placed in actual or potential conflicts of interest. To achieve this, the HKMA has issued Policy and Procedures on Post-Termination Employment of HKMA Staff (PDF, 57 KB) which set out the details of the arrangements to be applied following the receipt of notice of termination of employment, the procedures for staff at the rank of Senior Manager and above to seek approval for taking up employment in Hong Kong after leaving the HKMA, conditions that may be applied to such approval, and the restrictions on contact of an official nature between a former HKMA employee and serving staff. Staff should make themselves familiar with the policy and observe the procedures.

Remuneration Policies

The basic remuneration policies of the HKMA are:

  1. Pay and conditions of service for HKMA staff are determined by the Financial Secretary (FS) on the advice of the Governance Sub-Committee (GSC) through the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee (EFAC) taking into account the prevailing market rates and practices.
  2. Remuneration comprises a total cash package and a Provident Fund Scheme, with minimal benefits in kind.
  3. The cash package consists of fixed pay, which is payable monthly, and variable pay, which may be awarded to individual staff members as a lump sum once a year depending on performance.
  4. Pay for HKMA staff is reviewed annually by the FS in light of recommendations made to him by the GSC through EFAC, taking into account the GSC’s assessment of the performance of the HKMA in the preceding year, the pay survey findings of the financial sector conducted by independent HR consultants and any other relevant factors. Any approved annual adjustments to the fixed pay or any variable pay awards for the HKMA are distributed to individual staff members based on their performance.

Training and Development

The HKMA has devoted resources to equip staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to better perform their duties. The training courses provided for staff members include specialised training on banking supervision, risk management, financial products and information technology as well as general training on management, languages, communications and team building.

More information (PDF File, 1.42 MB)

Equal Opportunities Policy

The HKMA is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that everyone should be able to work in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, vilification, and victimisation. We are committed to full compliance with the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 480), the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 487), the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 527) and the Race Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 602), and to ensuring that all staff comply with these ordinances. Our equal opportunities policy applies to job advertisements, recruitment, terms and conditions of employment, performance assessment, promotion, transfer, training, dismissals, grievance procedures and general conduct.

Staff Activities and Voluntary Work

The HKMA participates in various community events and fund raising activities organised by the Community Chest of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Red Cross and other charitable organisations.

An HKMA Volunteer Team formed by a group of HKMA colleagues in 2001 renders voluntary services outside office hours such as outings, visits and tours, and activities arranged jointly with other service organisations to offer help to people in need.

More information (PDF File, 1.42 MB)

Last revision date: 10 June 2019
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