The HKMA reminds the public to verify information carefully

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05 Oct 2019

The HKMA reminds the public to verify information carefully

The HKMA noted today that a number of rumours are being circulated in social media in a malicious attempt to cause panic among the public.

Members of the public should be cautious of rumours and verify information carefully.

The Hong Kong banking system, with ample liquidity and very good asset quality, is robust and sound. It is well positioned to withstand any market volatilities.

The HKMA reiterates that it sees no need and has no intention of changing the well-established Linked Exchange Rate System. The HKMA has the capability, resources and commitment to safeguard Hong Kong’s monetary and financial stability.

The HKMA also noted that the waiting time for cash withdrawal at individual bank ATMs is longer than usual. Banks have taken measures to replenish banknotes in a timely manner. Banks have sufficient supply of banknotes to meet the needs of the public.


Hong Kong Monetary Authority
5 October 2019

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