Residential Mortgage Survey Results for June 2009

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27 Jul 2009

Residential Mortgage Survey Results for June 2009

According to the 23 authorized institutions (AIs) which participate in the HKMA's monthly survey of residential mortgage lending, new mortgage loans drawn down during June increased by 34.4% to HK$20.4 billion compared with May.

New loans approved increased by 36.5% to HK$38.4 billion. The increase was distributed across all types of property transaction. Approvals for primary market transactions increased by HK$2.8 billion or 43.8%, approvals for secondary market transactions increased by HK$5.4 billion or 27.4%, and approvals for refinancing loans increased by HK$2.0 billion or 110.3%. The number of new applications increased to 24,511 compared with 19,419 in May.

Around 52% of the new mortgage loans approved in June were priced at more than 2.5% below the best lending rate, compared with 53.3% in May. The proportion of new mortgage loans priced with reference to rates other than the best lending rate (mostly HIBOR) increased to 39.8% in June from 31.9% in May.

The outstanding value of mortgage loans increased by 1.2% to HK$601.1 billion.

The mortgage delinquency ratio remained unchanged at 0.05%, whereas the rescheduled loan ratio declined marginally to 0.12% in June from 0.13% in May.


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27 July 2009

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