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07 Sep 2001

Deposit Insurance Scheme

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) today (Friday) released a discussion paper on funding and premium assessment for the Deposit Insurance Scheme (DIS) to seek views from the industry on the funding arrangements for the scheme.

Following the Executive Council's approval in principle in April for the establishment of a DIS in Hong Kong, the HKMA has been asked to undertake further study on the detailed design features of the scheme. The funding related issues are an important aspect to be addressed as this would have a direct bearing on the cost of the scheme. The discussion paper contains suggestions about how the appropriate size of the DIS fund might be set, how it could be built up and maintained and how premium could be assessed for individual banks (including the possible introduction of a differential premium system based on the supervisory ratings of banks).

The discussion paper can be downloaded from the HKMA's website at The HKMA welcomes any comments on the discussion paper on or before 15 October 2001.

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Hong Kong Monetary Authority
7 September 2001


Discussion Paper (PDF, 155K)

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