Phased Approach

The Four Phases of Open API

This video shows some examples of Open API application that may be provided after each phase has been implemented.

Examples of Open API application

Open API Phases for the Hong Kong Banking Sector


Open API functions 


Delivery time 


Product information

Deposit rates, credit card offerings, service charges and other public information

By the end of January 2019


Customer acquisition

New applications for credit cards, loans and other products

By the end of October 2019


Account information

Account balance, credit card outstanding balance, transaction records, credit limit change and others

To publish a set of technical standards in 2020, following which an implementation timetable will be set



Payment and transfers

Phase I and II Open APIs

The banking sector has launched Phase I and II Open APIs in January 2019 and October 2019 respectively. The information of the Open APIs can be found in the Data Studio of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, which provides a single point of reference of all the Open APIs offered by banks to facilitate access by third-party service providers. If there are any questions regarding the details of Open API functions, please contact the respective banks.

Phase III and IV Open APIs

Details of the two phases will be announced later in due course.

Last revision date : 03 December 2019