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Monthly Statistical Bulletin
(December 2016 - Issue No. 268)

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 1.Financial statistics summary
1.1Monetary statistics Download Table 1.150KB 5 Dec
1.2Banking statistics Download Table 1.249.5KB 5 Dec
1.3Capital market statistics Download Table 1.339KB 8 Dec
1.4Economic statistics Download Table 1.439.5KB 5 Dec
2.1Currency in circulation Download Table 2.1116KB 8 Dec
2.2Money supply:
2.2.1Adjusted for foreign currency swap deposits Download Table 2.2.1166KB 8 Dec
2.2.2Unadjusted for foreign currency swap deposits Download Table 2.2.2177.5KB 8 Dec
2.3Components of money supply:
2.3.1Hong Kong dollar (Adjusted to include foreign currency swap deposits) Download Table 2.3.1202KB 8 Dec
2.3.2Foreign currency (Adjusted to exclude foreign currency swap deposits) Download Table 2.3.2172KB 8 Dec
2.3.3All currencies Download Table 2.3.3233KB 8 Dec
2.4Components of seasonally adjusted Hong Kong dollar M1 Download Table 2.479KB 8 Dec
3.1Number of authorized institutions and local representative offices Download Table 3.1109.5KB 5 Dec
3.2Customer deposits by currency Download Table 3.2154.5KB 8 Dec
3.3Customer deposits by type:
3.3.1Hong Kong dollar and foreign currency deposits Download Table 3.3.1449.5KB 8 Dec
3.3.2Renminbi deposits Download Table 3.3.255KB 8 Dec
3.4Loans and advances by type:
3.4.1Authorized institutions Download Table 3.4.1167.5KB 8 Dec
3.4.2Licensed banks Download Table 3.4.2185KB 8 Dec
3.4.3Restricted licence banks Download Table 3.4.3138.5KB 8 Dec
3.4.4Deposit-taking companies Download Table 3.4.4138.5KB 8 Dec
3.5Loans and advances for use in Hong Kong by economic sector:
3.5.1Authorized institutions Download Table 3.5.1369KB 8 Dec
3.5.2Licensed banks Download Table 3.5.2200.5KB 8 Dec
3.5.3Restricted licence banks Download Table 3.5.3134.5KB 8 Dec
3.5.4Deposit-taking companies Download Table 3.5.4409.5KB 8 Dec
3.6Asset quality of retail banks Download Table 3.664.5KB 5 Dec
(Updated Quarterly)
3.7Residential mortgage survey results Download Table 3.791.5KB 8 Dec
3.8Credit card lending survey results Download Table 3.842.5KB 5 Dec
(Updated Quarterly)
3.9Balance sheet:
3.9.1Authorized institutions Download Table 3.9.1562KB 8 Dec
3.9.2Licensed banks Download Table 3.9.2660KB 8 Dec
3.9.3Restricted licence banks Download Table 3.9.3731.5KB 8 Dec
3.9.4Deposit-taking companies Download Table 3.9.4495KB 8 Dec
3.10Foreign currency position:
3.10.1All foreign currencies Download Table 8 Dec
3.10.2US dollar Download Table 8 Dec
3.10.3Pound sterling Download Table 3.10.390.5KB 8 Dec
3.10.4Japanese yen Download Table 3.10.490KB 8 Dec
3.10.5Euro Download Table 3.10.560.5KB 8 Dec
3.10.6Deutschmark Download Table 3.10.683.5KB 8 Dec
3.10.7Canadian dollar Download Table 3.10.790KB 8 Dec
3.10.8Swiss franc Download Table 3.10.890.5KB 8 Dec
3.10.9Other foreign currencies Download Table 3.10.990.5KB 8 Dec
3.11External liabilities and claims:
3.11.1End of period figures Download Table 3.11.1 + Download zip file  (Table 3.11.1 for pre-2015 data) 137KB ,  534.5KB 8 Dec
3.11.2Positions vis-a-vis all countries Download Table 3.11.2156.5KB 8 Dec
3.11.3Positions vis-a-vis Mainland China Download Table 3.11.3246KB 8 Dec
3.11.4Positions vis-a-vis Japan Download Table 3.11.4136.5KB 8 Dec
3.11.5Positions vis-a-vis Singapore Download Table 3.11.5123.5KB 8 Dec
3.11.6Positions vis-a-vis United Kingdom Download Table 3.11.6172.5KB 8 Dec
3.11.7Positions vis-a-vis United States Download Table 3.11.7233.5KB 8 Dec
3.12Clearing House turnover Download Table 3.12110KB 8 Dec
3.13Mainland-related lending and other non-bank exposures
3.13.1Mainland-related lending Download Table 5 Dec
(Updated Quarterly)
3.13.2Mainland-related lending by type of AIs Download Table 5 Dec
(Updated Quarterly)
3.13.3Mainland-related lending by type of borrowers Download Table 3.13.332KB 5 Dec
(Updated Quarterly)
3.13.4Other Mainland-related non-bank exposures Download Table 3.13.431KB 5 Dec
(Updated Quarterly)
 4.Money markets and debt instruments
4.1Hong Kong dollar interbank transactions Download Table 4.1100.5KB 8 Dec
4.2Liabilities due to other authorized institutions Download Table 4.2111.5KB 8 Dec
4.3Analysis of NCDs issued in Hong Kong Download Table 4.3127.5KB 8 Dec
4.4Turnover of NCDs in the secondary market in Hong Kong by authorized institutions Download Table 4.495KB 8 Dec
4.5Outstanding amount of Hong Kong dollar debt instruments, other than Exchange Fund Bills and Notes Download Table 4.585.5KB 5 Dec
(Updated Quarterly)
4.6New issues of Hong Kong dollar debt instruments, other than Exchange Fund Bills and Notes Download Table 4.6127.5KB 5 Dec
(Updated Quarterly)
 5.Exchange Fund Bills & Notes
5.1Turnover of Exchange Fund Bills & Notes in the secondary market:
5.1.1Original maturity Download Table 5 Dec
5.1.2Remaining tenor Download Table 5 Dec
5.2Outstanding amount of Exchange Fund Bills & Notes:
5.2.1Original maturity Download Table 5.2.1107.5KB 5 Dec
5.2.2Remaining tenor Download Table 5 Dec
5.3Yield of Exchange Fund Bills & Notes:
5.3.1End of period figures Download Table 5.3.1108.5KB 5 Dec
5.3.2Period average figures Download Table 5.3.2125KB 5 Dec
5.3.3Daily figures Download Table 5 Dec
5.4Tender results of Exchange Fund Bills and Notes:
5.4.1Exchange Fund Bills Download Table 5.4.1383.5KB 5 Dec
5.4.2Exchange Fund Notes Download Table 5.4.2171.5KB 5 Dec
5.5Central Moneymarkets Unit (CMU) service Download Table 5.598KB 5 Dec
 5.6Turnover of CMU issues in the secondary market (remaining tenor):
5.6.1All currencies Download Table 5.6.173KB 5 Dec
5.6.2Hong Kong dollar-denominated Download Table 5.6.2107KB 5 Dec
5.6.3Renminbi-denominated Download Table 5.6.363.5KB 5 Dec
5.6.4US dollar-denominated Download Table 5.6.463KB 5 Dec
5.6.5Other foreign currency-denominated Download Table 5.6.565.5KB 5 Dec
5.7Outstanding amount of CMU issues (remaining tenor):
5.7.1All currencies Download Table 5 Dec
5.7.2Hong Kong dollar-denominated Download Table 5.7.293KB 5 Dec
5.7.3Renminbi-denominated Download Table 5.7.353KB 5 Dec
5.7.4US dollar-denominated Download Table 5.7.453KB 5 Dec
5.7.5Other foreign currency-denominated Download Table 5.7.558KB 5 Dec
 6.Exchange rates and interest rates
6.1Exchange rates and the effective exchange rate indices:
6.1.1End of period figures Download Table 6.1.1294KB 5 Dec
6.1.2Period average figures Download Table 6.1.2279.5KB 5 Dec
6.1.3Daily figures Download Table 5 Dec
6.2Hong Kong dollar forward exchange rates:
6.2.1End of period figures Download Table 5 Dec
6.2.2Period average figures Download Table 6.2.278KB 5 Dec
6.2.3Daily figures Download Table 6.2.3607.5KB 5 Dec
6.3 Hong Kong Interbank Interest Rates:
6.3.1End of period figures Download Table 6.3.1248KB 5 Dec
6.3.2Period average figures Download Table 6.3.2214KB 5 Dec
6.3.3Daily figures Download Table 6.3.32MB 5 Dec
6.4Hong Kong dollar interest rates:
6.4.1Rates as at effective dates Download Table 6.4.158KB 5 Dec
6.4.2Period average figures Download Table 6.4.2101KB 5 Dec
6.5Composite interest rate Download Table 6.570.5KB 17 Nov
6.6Renminbi deposit rates Download Table 6.662.5KB 5 Dec
 7.Monetary market operation
7.1Market operation:
7.1.1Period average figures Download Table 7.1.177KB 5 Dec
7.1.2Daily figures Download Table 7.1.2828KB 5 Dec
7.2Monetary Base:
7.2.1End of period figures Download Table 7.2.164KB 5 Dec
7.2.2Daily figures Download Table 7.2.2630.5KB 5 Dec
7.3Discount Window and Liquidity Adjustment Window rates:
7.3.1End of period figures Download Table 7.3.177KB 5 Dec
7.3.2Period average figures Download Table 7.3.270KB 5 Dec
7.3.3Daily figures Download Table 7.3.3696KB 5 Dec
 8.Exchange Fund and Foreign Currency Reserve Assets
8.1Exchange Fund balance sheet:
8.1.1Half-yearly Exchange Fund balance sheet Download Table 8.1.156KB 8 Dec
8.1.2Abridged balance sheet Download Table 8.1.2121.5KB 8 Dec
8.2Analytical accounts of the Exchange Fund Download Table 8.269.5KB 8 Dec
8.3Currency Board Account Download Table 8.387KB 8 Dec
8.4Foreign currency reserve assets Download Table 8.4115.5KB 8 Dec
8.5Analysis of foreign currency reserve assets Download Table 8.597.5KB 8 Dec
8.6Data template on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity Download Table 8.6804.5KB 8 Dec
 9.Government Bond Programme
9.1Secondary market turnover of Government Bonds issued under the Institutional Bond Issuance Programme:
9.1.1Original maturity Download Table 9.1.149KB 5 Dec
9.1.2Remaining tenor Download Table 5 Dec
9.2New issuance amount of Government Bonds Download Table 9.260.5KB 5 Dec
9.3Outstanding amount of Government Bonds:
9.3.1Original maturity Download Table 5 Dec
9.3.2Remaining tenor Download Table 9.3.262KB 5 Dec
9.4Prices and yields of Government Bonds issued under the Institutional Bond Issuance Programme:
9.4.1End of period figures Download Table 9.4.1248KB 5 Dec
9.4.2Period average figures Download Table 9.4.2240KB 5 Dec
9.4.3Daily figures Download Table 5 Dec
9.5Tender results of Government Bonds issued under the Institutional Bond Issuance Programme Download Table 9.593KB 5 Dec
9.6List of outstanding Government Bonds Download Table 9.640KB 5 Dec
Last revision date: 8 December 2016
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